Intsia bijuga

(syn. Intsia amboinensis, Intsia cambodiensis, Intsia madagascariensis, Intsia retusa, Afzelia bijuga, Afzelia cambodiensis, Afzelia retusa, Macrolobium bijugum ), ifit (Guam and Marianas), ifil (Micronesia), ifilele (Samoa), fehi fisi (Tonga), vesi (Fiji), merbau (Indonesia), ipil (Philippines), Borneo teak, Moluccan ironwood

  • Family Fabaceae (Cesalpinioideae).
  • Native to Eastern Africa, Madagascar, southern Asia, Malesia to Caroline Islands, Rotuma and Samoa.
  • Wood used as high class exterior windows, solid panel doors, framing, weatherboarding, flooring, furniture, stairs, handrails, poles, turnery, carving,kava bowls, musical instruments, building bridges, wharves, sluices and sheet piles.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: -6 (low risk).

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Intsia bijuga flowers Intsia bijuga seeds and pod Intsia bijuga tree Intsia bijuga seedlings

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