Falcataria moluccana

(syn. Albizia moluccana, Albizia falcata, Albizia falcataria, Adenanthera falcataria, Paraserianthes falcataria), Molucca albizia, albizia, Moluccan sau, white siris.

  • Family Fabaceae (Mimosoideae).
  • Native to East Malesia, the Moluccas, Papau New Guinea, the Bismark Archipelago, and the Solomon Islands.
  • Wood used for light weight construction, packing materials, panelling, cabinets, furniture, toys, wooden shoes, musical instruments, light weight veneer and plyboard, low density particleboard, pulp, paper, and match sticks. Trees used for soil improvement and coffee shade in agroforestry systems.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: 8 (HIGH RISK) NOT RECOMMENDED for introduction to new areas in Hawaii.


Falcataria moluccana seedpods Falcataria moluccana flowers Falcataria moluccana leaf and bark Falcataria moluccana plantation Double-hulled canoe made from Falcataria moluccana

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