Eucalyptus deglupta

(syn. Eucalyptus multiflora, Eucalyptus naudiniana, Eucalyptus schlechteri), bagras eucalyptus, rainbow bark eucalyptus, rainbow gum, kamarere, Mindanao gum, New Guinea gum, Indonesian gum, deglupta, amammanit eucalyptus

  • Family Myrtaceae.
  • Native to Southeast Asia, Philippines, and New Guinea.
  • Special areas in Hawaii: Keahua, Wahiawa, Foster, Waiakea.
  • Introduced to Hawaii in 1929.
  • Wood used for furniture, construction, cabinet work, and boat building.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: 2 (low risk)

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Eucalyptus deglupta diameter Eucalyptus deglupta flowers Eucalyptus deglupta bark Eucalyptus deglupta Eucalyptus deglupta seedlings Eucalyptus deglupta logs

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