Artocarpus altilis

ulu (Hawaiian, Samoan), breadfruit, dodog (Guam), lemai (Northern Marianas), arudo (Palau), maa (Yap), mai (Chuuk, Pohnpei), mohs (Kosrae), ma (Marshalls)

  • Family Moraceae.
  • Native to Southeast Asia. the South Pacific, and Papua New Guinea. Introduced in pre-Western times to Hawaii.
  • Fruit is a staple food in many Pacific Island cultures. Wood used for surfboards and canoe decking in ancient times, guitars, crates, and light construction. Resin used for caulking and as a glue.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: -12 (OK)

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Artocarpus altilis leaf and fruit Artocarpus altilis with rainbow Artocarpus altilis male flower and fruit Artocarpus altilis wood

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