What's my future in human development and family studies?


Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) graduates have successful careers and are contributing significantly to the improvement of the quality of individual and family life through their work and leadership in human services, education, business, and government, both in Hawai‘i and abroad. HDFS graduates are prepared for bachelor’s-level professional positions in: 

• Family service agencies 
• Family life education programs 
• Parenting education programs 
• Children/youth programs 
• Gerontology programs 
• Child care/early childhood education centers 
• Consumer affairs/consumer relations 

Many HDFS graduates work in human services agencies or education. Others have upplemented their HDFS degrees by completing graduate programs in Counseling, Social Work, Education, Public Health and other related fields. 

HDFS alumni business and leadership roles in Hawai‘i:

  • Director, Center on the Family
  • Former State of Hawai‘i Representative
  • VP Donor program, Blood Bank of Hawai‘i
  • Honolulu County Executive, Elderly Affairs Division
  • Executive Director, Catholic Social Services
  • Associate Director, People Attentive To Children (PATCH)
  • American Samoa Liaison, College of Education, University of Hawai‘i
  • Director, state-wide pre-Plus-Early Childhood Education Program, Dept. of Health Services
  • Human Development Instructor, KCC
  • Director, St. Timothy’s Children’s Center
  • Deputy Surgeon General, State of Hawai‘i
  • Early Childhood Education Teacher, The Early Education Center
  • Program Specialist, Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawai‘i 
















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