Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

Manoa Experience Day

Manoa Experience Day

Fashion Art & Business

Fashion Art & Business


Student Organizations

For fun and fellowship, join the Innovators of Fashion and  Stole SocietyWork and play with other students in professional and community activities that facilitate connections within the fashion industry.


(1) Innovators of Fashion

Innovators of Fashion is a club open to all students interested in fashion.  Members engage with the community and industry leaders, participate in fundraisers, and develop programming for members. 

Our Innovators of Fashion (IF) club members... 

  • make presentations on fashion careers to middle-and high-school students
  • assist community organizations with fashion show fundraisers
  • solicit volunteers and donations for the hawaii Food Bank, blood drives, feed-the-homeless projects, and community activities for homeless children
  • sponsor student get-togethers and graduation events 

Who are we?

We are undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Hawaii Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) program. IF members are interested in fashion design, merchandising, and other related fields in the fashion industry.


What do we do?

We work together to further our knowledge and experience within the fashion community by participating in activities based on our local resources. Some activities include attending professional seminars, tours of fashion-related industries, listening to special speakers in the field, and producing fashion shows. We also volunteer our services at trade shows and fashion show productions in the community.


When do we meet?

Our meetings are scheduled once a month. We begin the Fall semester with a group lunch and finish the school year with an appreciation dinner.


Where are we going?

IF is affiliated with the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). Founded in 1909, the Association’s mission is to improve the quality of individual, family, and community life through education, research, cooperative programs, and public information. Highlights of membership include:

  • Employment opportunities posted on an online “job bank” (;
  • Professional certification to increase your value in the marketplace;
  • Representation of your professional interest to members of Congress, policymakers, and the media;
  • The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences: From Research to Practice – 5 issues annually, the Journal keeps you informed of trends, issues, and practical information;
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues in your particular are of expertise through AAFCS Professional Sections and Divisions;
  • Plus group insurance plans, educational and leadership opportunities, nationwide employment networks, manufacturer professional rebates, and much more!

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(2) Stole Society


Stole Society welcomes students of all majors to produce stoles for the graduating classes across UH Manoa. Proceeds from stole sales are used to supplement Stole Society events, the FDM department, and FDM Scholarships.

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FCS Department

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phone: 808-956-8105

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