Alumni News

13 May 2022

Strategic Positioning and Visioning

CTAHR creates a road map for the future

Strategic Positioning and Visioning

“The college initiated a strategic positioning effort in the middle of a pandemic. That may seem like a bad idea, but the timing was fortuitous.”

With this opening Aloha message to faculty, staff, and stakeholders from Dean Nick Comerford, the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources laid out its new “Strategic Positioning and Visioning 2022-2027” report. A draft report is available here.

The report begins with an overview of the process undertaken, in which a core working group – made up of faculty, staff, administrators, students, and stakeholders – met for various planning and breakout meetings, department retreats, and follow-up sessions.

The report continues with a declaration of our college’s core values, mission and vision statements, identification of the external forces and trends that will influence our success, strengths and operational effectiveness of our college, and last but not least, our grand challenges in the years ahead.

The result is a strategic positioning document that outlines four main initiatives: 1) Resilient and Thriving Community Health, 2) Vibrant Tropical and Pacific Island Agriculture and Food Security, 3) Ecosystem Health, and 4) Workforce and Economic Development.

“These initiatives,” notes Dean Comerford, “are supported by CTAHR’s strengths upon which the college will build, address the trends to which CTAHR must react to be relevant, improve operational effectiveness within the college, and outline the core values that CTAHR must exhibit along its journey. It is my honor to support the strategic approach that our faculty defined, and I look forward to its role in moving the college into the future.”