Chemigation equipment.


Checklist of Study Guides for the Pesticide Applicator Category:

Commercial 11 Chemigation

Below is a checklist for the Commercial 11 Chemigation Pest Control portion of the exam.

Title of STUDY GUIDE for the "Commercial 11 Chemigation Pest Control"  Exam


  1. Hawaii Chemigation Guide (January 2013)


The study guide Hawaii Chemigation Guide (January 2013) is not a stand-alone study guide. You may also need the study guides for other exam categories because, to become certified in the commercial 11 chemigation category, you must have "concurrent" certification in at least one of the following four categories: commercial 1a agricultural – plant pest control, commercial 2 forest pest control, commercial 3 ornamental and turf pest control, or commercial 10 demonstration, research and instructional pest control. This means you must either already be certified in one of those categories or you must become certified in one of those categories at the time that you become certified in the commercial 11 category. You can get study guides for the commercial 1a, 2, 3, or 10 pest control category exams by either or both of these two methods:

DOWNLOAD printable versions of the study guides from one or more of these webpages:


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