Categories of Certification for Pesticide Applicators in Hawaiʻi

Before you choose a study packet, figure out which one matches the type of work you do with restricted use pesticides. We offer 20 different study packets, one for each of the 20 categories and subcategories of examinations offered by the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture. To get started, review the following list of the categories and subcategories. Or, call one of the phone numbers listed below to learn more. (Don't guess. You could waste your time and money if you make a wrong guess.)

List of Categories and Subcategories

Private 1 – General Agricultural – pest control

Private 2 – Agricultural Fumigation – pest control

Private 3 – Agricultural Chemigation – pest control

Commercial 1a – Agricultural Plant – pest control

Commercial 1b – Agricultural Animal – pest control

Commercial 2 – Forest – pest control

Commercial 3 – Turf and Ornamental – pest control

Commercial 4 – Aerial – pest control

Commercial 5 – Aquatic – pest control

Commercial 6 – Right-of-Way – pest control

Commercial 7a – Fumigation – pest control*

Commercial 7b – Termite – pest control control*

Commercial 7c – General – pest control control*

Commercial 7d – Institutional – pest control

Commercial 7e – Vault Fumigation – pest control

Commercial 7f – Specialty: Chlorine Gas

Commercial 7f – Specialty: Sewer Line Chemical Root Control

Commercial 7d – Specialty: TBT

Commercial 7f – Specialty: Wood Treatment

Commercial 9 – Regulatory – pest control

Commercial 10 – Demonstration, Research, and Instructional – pest control

Commercial 11 – Chemigation – pest control

* Commercial 7a, 7b, and 7c subcategories are only for employees of pest control businesses that are licensed to operate in Hawaiʻi by the Hawaiʻi Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

If none of those subcategory descriptions describes the work you do with pesticides, you may need to be certified in a different subcategory or an additional category. To learn more about categories of certification, consult an environmental health specialist at a county office of the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture.

Telephone Numbers for County Offices of the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture

February 13, 2019

  • Hawaii island applicators—Call Hilo direct (808) 974-4143 or 640-9076.
  • Lanai, Maui, and Molokai applicators—Call Maui direct (808) 873-3078 or 793-7035.
  • Oahu applicators—Call Honolulu direct (808) 973-9424 or 973-9409.
  • Kauai applicators—Call Kauai direct (808) 241-7140.

If you are unable to contact the office in your county, try the phone numbers for O’ahu applicators.

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