• 20 September 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 4514

The Center for Microbiome Analysis through Island Knowledge and Investigation (C-MĀIKI) is holding the C-MĀIKI #mahimicrobe2018 competition, which will grant several awards of up $5,000 each to support graduate students who are interested in adding a microbial component to their graduate work. Any investigations into the microbiome, from fundamental scientific research to art, can be supported by this grant. “Mahi” means to cultivate or farm, or it means a strong, energetic worker. The competition provides opportunities for PhD or MS students to compete for seed funding to cultivate, expand, and strengthen the incorporation of microbial research into their dissertation or thesis work and to develop their scientific communication and marketing skills through the promotion and pitch of their research. Grad students from any discipline are encouraged to submit projects that highlight microbes at the foundation of a biological or physical process. Projects that aim to increase scientific literacy in microbiome research and foster transdisciplinary research collaborations with microbes at the core are especially welcome. Applicants do not need to be getting their degree in a STEM-related field. Multiple awards will be made depending on strength of application pool. The competition includes Round 1, the Instagram Pitch, with a deadline of October 3, and Round 2, the Shark Tank Pitch, on Tuesday, October 30. All award recipients will be required to present their work at the C-MĀIKI symposium at the end of the year (~May 2019) and are responsible for submitting a brief report, including photos, no later than 60 days after the project is completed. This report will be made publicly available on the C-MĀIKI website and the winners’ work will be highlighted on the @c_maiki instagram. Please email any inquiries to klfrank@hawaii.edu.