The Value of Life

  • 25 July 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
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The Value of Life

All are invited to attend a presentation by Jonathan Latham on “Biotechnology, Agrichemicals, and the Value of Life” on Thursday, August 2, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. It will be held at the Hālau ‘o Haumea at the Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies. Dr. Latham holds a master’s degree in crop genetics and a PhD in virology. He is co-founder and executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the editor of Independent Science News. He will be discussing the Poison Papers project: revelations of the chemical industry and its regulators. He will also be discussing gene editing and gene drives, as well as how genetic thinking devalues life as compared with indigenous thought systems. For more information, please visit the Hawaii Seed Facebook page

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