The Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell University is looking to fill three positions, for Center Director, Communications Specialist, and Evaluation Specialist. The director will lead the Northeastern IPM Center in fulfilling its mission of fostering integrated pest management in the region in ways that generate economic, environmental, and human health benefits. The director will work in partnership with stakeholders from agricultural, urban, and rural settings to help them identify and address priorities for research, education, and outreach in the northeastern U.S. The position involves strategizing, managing, and diversifying funding; networking and fostering teams; developing regional information; and co-managing the grants program. The communications specialist position requires someone who is excited about science writing to review the funded research and communicate research outcomes to a diverse audience of stakeholders, including government officials, scientists, homeowners, farm managers and workers, environmental organization participants, and pest-management professionals. This person will inspire audiences with a big-picture vision while attending to detail, and juggle multiple projects under tight deadlines. For the evaluation specialist, the Center is looking for an individual with proven evaluation skills who can work under limited supervision and help accomplish the mission and activities of the Northeastern IPM Center. This includes being a good analyst and a communicator who understands the collection, review, and dissemination of data, someone who can look at each of the many and varied projects and evaluate the most relevant and significant outcomes and/or impacts that each project offers. The Center encourages multistate, cross-disciplinary connections that build partnerships and strengthen public and private IPM programs in a 12-state region. Staff members work as a team on IPM training, outreach, networking, proposal writing and documenting impacts.
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