Static Hydroponics

Extension holds a popular workshop at UGC

  • 12 September 2022
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Static Hydroponics

Registration for the latest ʻExtension in the Garden Seriesʻ workshop was so popular that Tina Lau and Jensen Uyeda had to book a second segment to accommodate the eager crowd.

Guests joined Extension agents as they discussed static hydroponics container gardening and learned how to start seedlings, select the right variety for their own back yard, and use various tray bases, covers, liners, net pots. The workshop also covered hydroponic nutrient solution mix, timing of seedlings, harvesting, even how to create simple units for school programs.

“The community members learned how to set up a water- and space-efficient hydroponics unit that produces regular harvest of delicious fresh greens, says Tina. “This method of gardening minimizes pesticide and water use compared to traditional methods. Individuals can be part of the effort to build a more sustainable island community.” 

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