Extension in the Garden

UGC resumes its monthly on-site tours

  • 17 August 2022
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Extension in the Garden

by Jari Sugano

With great pride, the Urban Garden Center in Pearl City has re-started its “Extension in the Garden” series. Once a month, we will host a walking tour to showcase the most recent work of CTAHR agricultural scientists, Extension educators, Master Gardeners, and UGC volunteers. Field demonstrations and educational exhibits – on a highlighted theme – will be on display for the community’s benefit. 

Last week, community members had an opportunity to see, touch, plant, and even smell the crops grown in various container gardens around the property. Our invited speaker was Sharon Hurd of the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture. 

Sharon emphasized the importance of growing, shopping, and supporting Hawaiʻi’s diversified agriculture industry. She informed the crowd about a soon-to-be released USDA Micro Grants. Under this exciting federal program, Hawaiʻi homeowners could be eligible for up to $5,000 per household to grow more food in the Islands! The grant would support small-scale gardening, livestock, and herding with the goal of increasing locally grown products in food-insecure states, which includes Hawaiʻi. 

Afterward, we toured with participants around the Master Gardener Training Garden and talked about various containers, crops, media, fertilizers, supplements, irrigation, etc. Leeward Community College student Pono Chung demonstrated CTAHR emeritus Dr. Bernard Kratky’s static hydroponic style of container gardening. 

“With more than one million people living in Hawaiʻi and half-a-million housing units, it is critical that we grow more food in our back yards, apartments, community gardens, schools, etc. to sustain our island state in the event of another crisis,” says Jari Sugano.

UGC was also featured last week in the central Oʻahu version of Midweek (see attached photo).

For upcoming events at the Urban Garden Center, visit the CTAHR homepage or UGC website, or contact Tina Lau at tinat@hawaii.edu.

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