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NREM researcher is part of EPSCoR team

  • 13 July 2022
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Change HI

The National Science Foundation has awarded UH’s “Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research” (Hawaiʻi EPSCoR) a five-year, $20-million grant for research and capacity building in support of actionable climate science through a collaboration called “Change HI.”

One of these subprojects, to characterize soil moisture in Hawaiʻi, will be led by Yinphan Tsang, a surface hydrologist in the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. She will lead a team to work with data scientists, investigating the placing of soil moisture sensors, with AI human in the loop annotation, incorporating hydrological models to describe water balance, scaling up from a watershed to statewide. Her project’s goal is to assist in the state's response in extreme weather, flood, and drought.

“Soil moisture is a critical component in understanding changes in water balance within the hydrological cycle,” says Yinphan. “I am excited about this opportunity to integrate hydrology with data science and advance our understanding of water balance in the tropical islands. We hope to assist the state in extreme weather responses, both drought and floods, and build climate resilience for Hawaiʻi.”

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