It’s Food-nomenal!

Only a few days left to sign up for Earth Day Celebration

  • 18 April 2022
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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It’s Food-nomenal!

by Shannon Takahashi

Come on down and join the UHM community in celebrating Earth Day at Hale Tuahine on Saturday, April 30th, 11:00 a.m. Take a relaxing garden tour, explore photography exhibitions, learn how to cook and read nutrition labels – and more! Participants can look forward to enjoying various arts and crafts activities, such as painting, composting, and Ikebana flower arrangement to gain fun, hands-on experiences in food sustainability. 

The event is a joint effort by the Home Garden network, Family Education Training Center of Hawaiʻi (FETCH), and Oʻahu Urban Garden Center, which aim to educate the community and honor our precious ‘aina during this year’s Earth Day. Organizers hope the event will promote youth advocacy and reduce child poverty by providing a safe, supportive environment for children and families to learn about food and nutrition, develop personalized meaning through planting, explore social relationships, and be a part of a larger community.

“It has been a great experience interning with Home Garden Network to learn how gardening intertwines with so many aspects of our community and world, and how we can help others create an edible and sustainable home garden to share with others,” says intern Linda Lau.

RSVP by April 16th to celebrate Earth Day. The Hale Tuahine (Family Education Training Center of Hawaii) is at 2727 Woodlawn Drive, across from Mānoa Marketplace. The event is free (donations are highly appreciated). All proceeds go toward buying earthworm kits to help families learn about composting in their home gardens to promote sustainability and inspire others to start their very own home garden.

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