A Hui of O`ahu Farms

New PAID internship starts this summer

  • 5 April 2022
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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A Hui of O`ahu Farms

Ho`okua`aina, Kako`o `oiwi, Kualoa Farms, Kuilima Farms, The Banana Source (The Big Tree Farm), and MA`O Organic Farms have pooled their collective strength to offer a unique Farm Expansion Experience opportunity for an enterprising student.

The FE`E internship is a 12-week, full-time, paid, on-farm, in-community, production-based, climate-smart regenerative agriculture experience. It is open to junior/senior undergrads through grad students, as well as those recently matriculated.

The internship provides space for the intern to have an intensive hands-on experience that could lead to full-time employment in Hawaiʻi’s local food system. The lucky student will work with each farm toward scale production of potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds of new local food.

“Students don’t necessarily have to be on a mahi`ai career path, but have a deep interest in, and a commitment to, sustainable community food systems, says Gary Maunakea-Forth of MA`O Organic Farms.

For questions, contact Matt Lau matt@maoorganicfarms.org. The internship is made possible by a USDA NRCS grant.

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