Strategic Positioning Update

Retreats, interviews, listening sessions and more continue at a brisk pace

  • 27 October 2021
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Strategic Positioning Update

First, the reminders:

Department Chairs and Faculty: Please continue to work on your interviewing. All interviews should be completed prior to your scheduled Departmental retreat. In mid-November, Dr. Mitch Owen will be reaching out to the Chairs to check in, but if you’re having difficulties or have questions, please reach out to Mitch for clarifications before it gets too late.

Department Chairs and County Administrators: If any faculty, staff, stakeholders, or students did not have a chance to join us at the listening sessions and who wish to participate, please try to have someone from your team interview them so their input can be included.

Now for the fun stuff:

October was a busy month! We kept our consultant, Dr. Mitch Owen of Mitchen Leadership and Organization Development, extremely busy. In all, he facilitated 10 data gathering listening sessions and capped his visit off with the Extension Visioning retreat. Dr. Owen visited Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i Island, and O‘ahu. He met with public groups, CTAHR Faculty and Staff, and the CTAHR Advisory Council to collect data and listen to all the feedback everyone had to share. In total, we had 126 participants join us and we received 5,226 feedback data points!

Our October events were capped off with an intensive and highly productive Extension Visioning Retreat. At this retreat, 20 Extension professionals representing all major program areas and all roles came together on O‘ahu. They brought together knowledge gained from their stakeholder interviews and the various listening sessions that covered major stakeholders of CTAHR extension programs. They brought diverse perspectives and experiences to their rich discussions. They taught each other, learned from each other, and strengthened their relationships. Through discussion, analysis, and collaboration they came to consensus on external forces impacting our stakeholders and CTAHR, the current state of CTAHR/Extension, and shared aspirational vision for what the organization might strive to be known for.  Their work will be shared with each department during the December retreats. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you to our working group volunteers who helped to summarize the data. Everyone worked really hard, and the College greatly appreciates your efforts!

What’s Coming up Next:

There are no meetings planned for November as the Departments are busy working on completing their interviews.



12/8 FCS

12/9 PEPS

12/10 MBBE

12/13 NREM

12/14 TPSS

12/15 HNFAS

Other Meetings

12/16 Departments prepare their presentations

12/17 Administration and Working Group meeting

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