Earth Day, Every Day

CTSA discusses Ag’s role in reducing our carbon footprint

  • 4 May 2021
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Earth Day, Every Day

From simple aquaponics to integrated multi-trophic systems, the burgeoning field of aquaculture presents many opportunities to sustainably produce food on small and large scales. That said, we cannot overlook the potential burden on the environment from aquaculture operations.

Cheng-Sheng Lee, Executive Director of the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture, goes on to discuss CTSA’s 2021 request for proposals, Hawaiian fishponds, Aquaclips, and more in the latest Regional e-Notes newsletter.

“The increased amount of carbon in Earth’s atmosphere is a large contributing factor to the exacerbation of climate change,” Cheng concludes. “Therefore, areas like forests that can sequester, or contain, carbon are increasingly valuable. Some bodies of water can sequester up to five times the amount of carbon that tropical forests do. Supporting these ecosystems and the industries within them, such as fisheries and aquaculture, is incredibly important to realizing this potential in the fight against climate change.”

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CTSA is one of five regional aquaculture centers in the U.S. established and funded by the DOA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. These centers integrate individual and institutional expertise and resources in support of commercial aquaculture development. CTSA is jointly administered by CTAHR and the Oceanic Institute of Hawaiʻi Pacific University.

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