Know Container Gardening?

A new survey for gardeners and farmers can inform CTAHR efforts

  • 30 March 2021
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Know Container Gardening?

If you know a seasoned gardener with experience in growing edible crops in containers, please invite them to share their insights to help CTAHR develop gardening recommendations for Hawaiʻi. 

The Hawaiʻi Edible Crop Container Gardening Survey is open until April 15. Responses can help CTAHR to better support gardening in local communities by providing Hawaiʻi-specific guidance on growing food in containers.

“CTAHR offers a variety of programs for new gardeners using containers, allowing participants to try their hand at horticulture and enjoy home-grown food, even within small spaces,” says Marielle Hampton of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“Programs serve beginning gardeners from keiki to kupuna,” she adds, “with initiatives that distribute seedlings or potted plants, teach gardening skills, and deliver nutrition education to SNAP eligible recipients. With Hawaiʻi’s unique growing conditions, feedback from growers around the state can support the development of specialized recommendations to help others find success with container gardening.” 

For questions, please email Kristen Jamieson.

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