Post Post-Modern

FDM professor edits a book on fashion’s direction under contemporary conditions

  • 24 February 2021
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Post Post-Modern

Is post-modernism dead in dress, fashion, and appearance? If we are in a new era, how should it be called, and what’s the influence of this post post-modernism on design houses and mass producers? What are the new geographic and identity markers? And which artists will lead fashion exploration?

A new book, Fashion, Dress, and Post-postmodernism, is a companion to ongoing research on the relationships between post-postmodernism, fashion, and dress. Edited by professor Andy Reilly of the Fashion Design and Merchandising program in the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences, the book is a collection of essays from noted scholars on contemporary theories of culture, and their applicability to dress and retail practices.

“I am very excited to see this book in print,” says Andy. “This area of research on contemporary conditions is emerging and is the first book to address fashion in relation to them.” 

He adds, “I am especially thankful to retired FDM instructor Marcia Morgado for her pioneer work on dress theory, which has inspired many others researchers, including myself.”

Check out the book.

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