Aloha and Mahalo

Steve Nagano retires from UGC

  • 30 December 2020
  • Author: Mark Berthold
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Aloha and Mahalo

Each year, the Oʻahu Urban Garden Center hosts more research projects, variety trials, school bus field trips, Master Gardner classes, visiting horticulture and agriculture societies, and so many other activities – it’s near impossible to count all of them. In 2018, its volunteers harvested more than 15, 000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and donated everything to the Hawaiʻi Food Bank.

Tomorrow, the UGC loses its fearless leader, Steve Nagano, who is retiring.

“Thank you seems inadequate for what you have done at UGC,” the volunteers write. “Your working with Honolulu Community College instructors and students to construct the gazebo, sidewalks from the carport to the classroom, garden concrete benches, and concrete pathways in the former turf plots really added to the UGC scenery.”

They add, “Overseeing the fencing projects, and the renovations to the bathrooms, main office and classroom, and construction of the sidewalk around the bus turnaround really upgraded the facility. The Kamehameha Hwy fencing project improvements secured the facility from trespassers, as well as made the UGC parcel more valuable, as the open ditch was replaced with concrete pipe, making the area more useful for parking. The garden additions of Alika Rabbit Garden, Labyrinth, White Garden, Loulu Landing, moving the Pizza Garden to the new site, and allowing the Peace garden to develop etc. allowed the UGC guests to enjoy the different gardens. Best wishes in your retirement!

Steve adds, “I am thankful to all the staff and faculty. Especially grateful to volunteers who I have worked with over the years and have fostered growth, recognition to, and appreciation of our Extension programs. Keep up your outstanding work!”

Mahalo Steve!

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