Imagine a Day Without Water

CTAHR partners with Board of Water Supply for public service announcements

  • 6 October 2020
  • Author: Mark Berthold
  • Number of views: 2781
Imagine a Day Without Water

Did you know the University of Hawaiʻi moved to its present location in Mānoa, partly in order to be close to fresh water for its Agriculture and Livestock program?

As we all know, farms and ranches depend on a plentiful, reliable source of fresh water to grow our food. Every fruit and vegetable you’ve ever eaten, every steak and fish, every ice cream and chocolate, were all grown or raised with the help of water. In fact, we all rely on clean water to drink, shower, cook, brush our teeth – the list is endless.

In order to raise awareness of the importance and value of water, and the need to invest in our water infrastructure, CTAHR has joined the Honolulu Board of Water Supply for the first-ever statewide ‘Imagine A Day Without Water’ campaign.

The official date is Wednesday, October 21, but during the month leading up to the event (which is now!), CTAHR and other partner agencies are teaming up to deliver a steady stream of public service announcements, videos, Q’nA, and other activities on social media and radio.

CTAHR’s Academic and Student Affairs Office has joined the fun, recruiting eight Student Ambassadors to ponder the question, “How would a day without water affect me?” Watch the first video featuring Arby Barone! and check back later for more videos.

Mahalo! to Korynn Grenert, Cody Ching, Nicole Acasio, Kaya Milos, Michelle Au, Jessie Orozco, Arby Barone, and Kenneth Choi for your wonderful (and at times, hilarious) participation.

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