Honor Our Graduates

CTAHR will host an awesome Virtual Convocation!

Honor Our Graduates

Get ready to applaud the many and amazing accomplishments of CTAHR’s Spring 2020 graduating class! Our first Virtual Convocation ceremony, hosted by the Academic and Student Affairs Office (ASAO), is happening this Friday, May 15.

Pre-show of student photos and accomplishments starts at 5:00 p.m., and Convocation starts at 5:30. The ceremony is jam-packed with welcoming remarks, a featured guest speaker, interactive prize contest, and CTAHR student speakers, followed by the announcement of the graduates and closing remarks.

Find out more at the Convocation website. Questions? Comments? Please contact ASAO’s manager of student services Herbenia Bowen at herbenia@hawaii.edu or 956-6733.

Congratulations, CTAHR graduates—you’ve triumphed over a very trying final semester!