Facilities Staff Needs Masks

Help sew a mask to keep Facilities workers safe!

  • 4 April 2020
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 1715
Facilities Staff Needs Masks

UH Mānoa Facilities is asking for donations of masks for its 300 employees, all of whom are still at work on campus keeping the buildings and grounds safe, sanitary, and operational. They include the janitors, the groundskeepers, the repair people, those who pick up the trash, all those who do the often-unnoticed but utterly crucial work that allows the rest of the University to do theirs.

At least one mask each would be great, but two each would be better, so they can be laundered between wearings—a total of 600 masks.

They’ve been unable to order masks in the quantity they need, so they’ve turned to the CTAHR ‘ohana to help. The college has some money to put toward material, and alumni connection coordinator Jessie Radovitch (pictured) has received large donations of fabric from a CTAHR alumna and a CTAHR friend. All that’s needed is someone to sew it into masks!

Several patterns can work. This pattern has been endorsed by St. Luke’s hospital (scroll down to download pattern and watch instructional video).

Jessie will act as contact for this initiative, so email her at radovije@hawaii.edu to find out more information and to coordinate about the collection of the completed masks.