Taking Office Equipment Home

Follow these simple guidelines to borrow your office computer

  • 27 March 2020
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 2400
Taking Office Equipment Home

If you need to bring home your office computer or other equipment (monitor, keyboard, mouse, or scanner) in order to work effectively at home, you can!

  • Get approval from your department/unit chair.
  • Click this form (sign in with your @hawaii.edu), fill it out, and submit.
  • CTAHR’s IT manager Matt Chun-Hori will send you a completed PFMO-31 form for you and your department head to sign and submit to chun-horim@ctahr.hawaii.edu
  • You’re now allowed to take home your work equipment!

As the PFMO form states, you are responsible for your equipment and its usage at home. This equipment is not for your family to use (no streaming Netflix!); it is reserved exclusively for CTAHR business.

Make sure you’re sensitive to security, too: While working remotely, access your data responsibly. Although protocols and programs for working remotely have security built in, it’s never a 100% safe or secure solution. Everyone who works with sensitive information: research data, financial records, personally identifiable info, legal documents, etc., should be especially aware and vigilant. We are all responsible for the governance of our data and must be diligent in preventing data theft or network compromise, even during emergencies.

Once the remote work order has been lifted, Matt will be working to coordinate the return of all borrowed equipment back to the departments.

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