Work-From-Home Options

  • 21 March 2020
  • Author: Frederika Bain
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Work-From-Home Options

UH will be permitting employees to temporarily work from home on a voluntary basis as appropriate and viable, subject to approval by an employee’s dean, director, or manager.

Employees must show that they will be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of their position from home. If they feel they can, they should request approval in writing, addressing any special considerations and needs for support. Working from home doesn’t have to be all or nothing—some tasks may be performed at home, but the employee may need to come to their workplace for others.

Their direct supervisor provides a recommendation, revising the plan as needed, and then the overseeing executive approves or disapproves the plan, again revising it as needed. A written agreement is created. Difficult situations may be resolved by the responsible UH Officer.

Read more about the process in the “Guidelines to Assist Supervisors to Evaluate a Request to Work from Home,” the form-fillable “Work From Home Request and Agreement,” and the "Work From Home Work Plan." These forms were revised on 3/23/20 but may be revised again in the future—watch for possible updates!

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