Malaysia’s Monetary Policy Is in Good Hands

CTAHR alumnus is appointed to a high financial position

  • 11 September 2019
  • Author: Frederika Bain
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Malaysia’s Monetary Policy Is in Good Hands

CTAHR alumnus Yeah Kim Leng has been appointed for a third term to Bank Negara’s monetary policy committee (MPC). Bank Nagara is Malaysia’s equivalent to the Federal Reserve, and the MPC is responsible for formulating monetary policy and guidelines and procedures for the conduct of monetary operations. 

Kim earned his Ph.D. in Agriculture Resource Economics from CTAHR in 1992. He is a professor of economics in Sunway University Business School, Sunway University. He is also the director of the economic studies program at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute of Southeast Asia, a senior fellow at the Jeffrey Sachs Center of Sustainable Development at Sunway University, and a deputy president of the Malaysian Economic Association.

He previously served as the group chief economist at RAM Holdings Bhd for two decades and was a senior analyst at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia. In short: he’s done well with his degree!