Sustainability Through Aquaculture

CTSA newsletter highlights outstanding projects

Sustainability Through Aquaculture

The latest newsletter from the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture is out! In his Letter from the Director, Cheng-Sheng Lee notes that projects funded by the CTSA are furthering the important goal of “utilizing aquaculture to decrease pressure on wild fish populations—including marine aquarium species in need of conservation.” Read the full letter here.

The rest of the newsletter discusses some of these projects and the strides they’re making towards a healthier and more sustainable ocean environment, including a survey of disease prevalence in wild mud crab populations in the US-affiliated Pacific Islands and a project that aims to increase aquaculture production of yellow tang fishes, which are in great demand for aquariums. It also celebrates a project to create an annual aquaculture workshop at a local high school, teaching kids valuable skills and a mindset of stewardship for our precious ocean resources.