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<span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bee Conservation
  • Blessing ceremony for Ka Iwi habitat project.

    Ka Iwi blessing
  • Hawaiian yellow-faced bees are important pollinators for many of our native plants. 

    Male YFB on akoko
  • Volunteers install symbolic fencing at Ka Iwi Coastline to remind visitors to be careful of yellow faced bee habitat.

    Fencing at Ka Iwi Coastline
  • Caption here.

    Dr. Graham presenting


  • 2017 The 11th Annual Nāhelehele Dryland Forest Symposium, Kailua-Kona, HI. Poster Presentation: “Conservation of Endangered Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bees.”
  • “Hope for the Endangered Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bees: What is being done, and how you can help!” Halawa Xeriscape Garden’s 29th Annual Open House and Unthirsty Plant Sale, Aiea, HI. (+50 in attendance).
  • “Yellow-faced Bee Conservation” Kealia Pond Natural Wildlife Refuge, Kīhei, HI. Presentation and Scouting Excursion for Friends of the Refuge. (+30 in attendance).
  • “More about Bees” ‘Iolani School, Honolulu, HI. Audience: 1st grade students in Bug Themed Summer Learning Program (+25 students & teachers).
  • “Virtual Field Trip” Skype at Ka Iwi Coast Site, Honolulu, HI. Audience: ‘Iolani Kindergarden Classes (+60 students & teachers).
  • “Bee-Friendly Habitat” UH Urban Garden Center & Master Gardener Plant Sale at Pearl City, HI. Audience: (+200 Public).
  • “Learning about bees and beekeeping” Strode Montessori in Honolulu, HI. Audience: Preschool (+20 students & teachers).
  • “March for Science” University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI. Info Table and Activities. Community Event (+2,700 in attendance).
  • “Bees and Beekeeping in Hawaiʻi” at Hauʻula Elementary Hauʻula, HI. Audience: 2nd-4th graders and teachers (6 classes of +20 students & teachers each).
  • “Fall in Love with Science” at Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI. Info Table and Activities. Community Event (+2,000 in attendance).
  • “Teaching about Pollinators in Hawaiʻi” S.T.E.M. Teacher’s Seminar. Punaluʻu, HI. Workshop Participants: (+25 S.T.E.M. teachers).
  • “Update on Native Bee Conservation” Oahu Army Natural Resource Program, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI. (Staff Meeting +80 Employees and researchers).
  • “The Buzz on Native Bee Conservation” Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Honolulu, HI. (+60 Employees and researchers).
  • “Conservation of Native Bees” Pollinator Conservation Strategy Meeting. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region. Honolulu, HI. (+20 Researchers and policy makers).
  • 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress. Honolulu, HI. Field Excursions: “Pollinators in paradise: saving endemic Hawaiian yellow-faced bees.”
  • “Hawaii’s Native Yellow-Faced Bees” Surfjack Hotel, Honolulu, HI. Conservation Connections Talk Story Audience: +30 in attendance.
  • “Be a Bee Presentation & Activity” ‘Iolani School, Honolulu, HI. Audience: (+75 kindergarten students & teachers (3 classes).
  • “Bees and Beekeeping for Robotics Team” Sacred Hearts Academy, Honolulu, HI. Lower School Robotics Team (+25 4-6th Grade robotics students & teachers).
  • “Yellow-faced Bee Research” ‘Iolani School, Honolulu, HI. Audience: Apiary Club (+50 students & teachers)
  • “Bees, Beekeeping & Robotics!” Pearl City Highlands Elementary School, Pearl City, HI. Audience: Jr. Robotics Teams (+15 students & 3 teachers 1st grade)
  • The Western Apicultural Society Conference. Honolulu, HI. “Endangered Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bees.”
  • The 14th Smithsonian Botanical Symposium. Washington, DC. Poster Presentation: “Nest ecology of an endemic Hawaiian bee, Hylaeus anthracinus (Hymenoptera: Colletidae), and implications for conservation.”
  • 2015 The 23rd Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference, Hilo, HI. Research Presentation: “The nest architecture of Hylaeus anthracinus and other coastal solitary bees.”
  • XV Pacific Entomology Conference. Honolulu, HI. “The nest architecture of Hylaeus anthracinus and other coastal bees on Oahu.”
  • XV Pacific Entomology Conference. Honolulu, HI. “Native Buzz: Solitary bees and wasps in your backyard” Citizen Science Symposia.
  • “Brown Bag Series: Hylaeus Bee Research Update” Department of Land and Natural Resources, Honolulu, HI. Employees and researchers (18 Employees and researchers).
  • “Every Kid in the Park Day: Hawaiian Bee Conservation” James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Kahuku, HI. Audience: (250+ 4th grade students & teachers).
  • “Bees and Beekeeping in Hawaiʻi and Bee-yond!” Kipapa Elementary School, Mililani, HI. Audience: 3rd grade classes (75+ students & teachers).
  • “IUCN Excursion - Yellow-faced Bee Conservation” James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Kahuku, HI. (20+ International Delegates visiting for IUCN Conference).
  • “IUCN Excursion- Yellow-faced Bee Conservation” Ka Iwi Coast, Honolulu, HI. (20+ Visitors for IUCN Conference).
  • “Pollinator Day Proclamation Celebration” Honolulu Zoo, Honolulu, HI. Informational table & activities: Public (500+ in attendance).

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