Research Day Guidelines

Who can Present?

Eligibility to present at the CTAHR Student Research Symposium are limited to the following:

  • CTAHR  graduate students
  • CTAHR undergraduate students
  • Groups are eligible but must indicate a single Primary Presenter as the point of contact


What to Present?

CTAHR Research Day is offering three different ways to present.  Please see the table below that summarizes the major details:

Presentation Options

Topic Categories Translational (Lay) Proposal
Type Oral (10 min. presentation + 3 min. Q&A) Oral (5 min. presentation + 3 min. Q&A)  Poster
Language Scientific Lay Scientific

12 awards total

  • Overall Undergraduate (UG) Winner ($2000 travel grant)
  • Overall Graduate (Grad) Winner ($2000 travel grant)
  • UG Sustainability & Conservation Winner ($1000)
  • Grad Sustainability & Conservation Winner ($1000)
  • UG Food Systems, Security, & Safety Winner ($1000)
  • Grad Food Systems, Security, & Safety Winner ($1000)
  • UG Biotechnology Winner Grad Biotechnology Winner ($1000)
  • UG Healthy Families & Resilient Communities Winner ($1000)
  • Grad Healthy Families & Resilient Communities Winner ($1000)
  • UG Product Design & Business Winner ($1000)
  • Grad Product Design & Business Winner ($1000)

2 awards total

  • Undergradute Winner ($1000)
  • Graduate Winner ($1000)

2 awards total

  • Undergraduate Winner ($1000)
  • Graduate Winner ($1000)


CTAHR Research Day may not be able to accommodate all submissions. Students will be notified in a timely manner of any changes.  Students are reminded that all research involving human subjects or animals needs prior approval by the appropriate university boards or committees.


Disclaimer: Portions of the CTAHR Research Day may be photographed or videotaped. By participating in this event you agree that these images and your name, area of study, and project description may be used in print, photo, or video media by CTAHR and or the University of Hawaii for educational and promotional purposes as CTAHR deems appropriate. If you have concerns, please contact mchen22[at]