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Public Opinion Research

The PIE Center-Hawai‘i aims to help agriculture and natural resources respond proactively to challenges through understanding the opinions of consumers, residents, and other populations in the general public.

Message Communication

Agriculture and natural resource issues can be challenging and communication between parties is key to success. PIE Center-Hawai‘i examines communication materials and approaches and makes recommendations for improvement to enhance the relationship between industry and the public.

Program Development

PIE Center-Hawai‘i works with educators at all levels, community leaders, and industry to create educational materials that are appropriate for the target learners regarding agriculture and natural resource issues.

Organizational Planning & Training

The PIE Center-Hawai‘i supports long-term planning and organizational training, especially in the light of new agriculture and natural resource issues. PIE Center-Hawai‘i provides organizational planning workshops to identify goals, plans of action, and evaluation criteria. PIE Center-Hawai‘i also conducts leadership training at any level in an organization to increase competencies and enhance organizational functions.




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