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Climate Forum Acknowledgements

The Pacific Island Extension Climate Forums are an outcome of ideas proposed and explored by organizers and participants of the Southwest Extension Climate Change Conference held in Tucson, AZ December 2016. We thank the Hawaii and Pacific Island participants at that event who helped develop the concept of the Climate Forums including Jonathan Deenik, Lawerence Duponcheel, Jim Hollyer, Andrea Kawabata, Michael Ogo, Mark Thorne, and Jensen Uyeda.

We would also like to thank: 

  • Rebecca Ryals and Wendy Miles for leadership in developing Climate Forum content and objectives. 
  • Mike Crimmins and Faith Kearns for their input on curriculum design, specifically with respect to the subjects of integrating climate science into extension programing and effectively communicating about climate change, and their participation in the Hawaii Extension Climate Forum.
  • Joe Tuquero, Michael Ogo, Mario Martinez, and Mark Flores for their participation in the Hawaii Climate Forum and support in planning for Pacific Island events.

Support from Ari Eichelberger and Hong Ngo with the Distance Course Design and Consulting group at the University of Hawaii at Manoa was critical to the development of the Climate Forum curricula and success of the events. 

Finally, the Climate Forums would not have been possible without: 

  • support from program administrators and the ideas and feedback of each of the organizing committees from: 
    • The College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, 
    • The Cooperative Extension and Outreach program at the University of Guam, 
    • The Cooperative Research, Extension, and Education Service at the Northern Marianas College, and 
    • The Agriculture, Community, and Natural Resources Cooperative Research and Extension Program at American Samoa Community College. 
  • Funding for the Climate Forums was provided by the Office of Insular Affairs Technical Assistance Program, the USDA Southwest Climate Hub, the Pacific Island Climate Change Cooperative, the Northern Marianas College, and the University of Guam.


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