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Food Science and Human Nutrition

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The Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Bachelor of Science program provides the knowledge and skills to work in the arenas of food processing, regulation, and business—either public or private sector. Prepare for managerial positions to meet the high demand for people with skills in food science, knowledge of business and accounting, and interpersonal skills. Courses range from food chemistry, microbiology, structure, and engineering to safety, sanitation, quality control, and business techniques.


Food Lab


baking butternut squash


Five Exciting Tracks:


Blend culinary arts with the science of food.

Sports and Wellness

Augment nutrition coursework with classes in exercise science.

Pre-Professional Nutrition

Prepare for post-baccalaureate study in medicine, dentistry, nutrition, or other graduate programs.

Food Science: Pre-Professional

Focus on product development and food technology.

Food Science: Business

Combine nutrition coursework with classes in business management.


Diverse Career Opportunities

Graduates work as pharmacists, physicians, and science teachers and enjoy careers in sports nutrition, food product development, food safety, and public health.


Visit the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences Department for more information.


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