Volume 26: June | July | Aug 2016

  • 17 August 2016
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Advancing Oahu's Edible Crop Industries Mini-Conference

Cover Crop and Soil Health Field Day

Evaluating the Suitability of Chickpea (Ciser arietinum L.) as a New           Crop to the Tropical Conditions of Hawai'i
CRATE: Improving Conservation Tillage with Conservation                   Agriculture Practices
Citizen Science: SOFT and the Noelani First Grade Garden

Featured Farmer:
Vincent & Irene Mina
Kahanu Aina Greens

Growing area: 1200 ft2 growing, 400 ft2 composting, 400 ft2 processing
Years farming in Hawai'i: 23 years
Crops: Microgreens: sunflower, green and yellow pea, Kaiwari radish, and wheatgrass
Fertility management: Greens grown in seedling flats of composted, recycled, harvested flats. CEC soil analysis to balance minerals
Pest management: Non-issue due to high vitality and short maturation time of crop grown in screenhouse
What Sustainability Means to You: Making the farm attractive to our son, and creating and using our own compost

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Hot Tip from Kahanu Aina Greens
--Grow what you love and share it with your community
--Develop strategies to recycle nutrients back onto the farm
--Find your niche an hone it to be a fine-tuned operation

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