Volume 25: Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec 2015

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
  • Number of views: 1977

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Growing Upland Taro
Using Reflective Plastic Mulch to Enhance Plant Quality and Pest Management in Tomato
White Stem Negi Onion Variety Trial
Tankage: A Locally Produced Nitrogen Source
Cover Your Assets with Cover Crops
Beginning Farmer-Rancher Development Program
Protect Your Land for Future Generations with Hawaiian Islands                       Land Trust
Conservation Client Gateway
ArgriBusiness Incubator: Training Programs for Beginning Farmers

Featured Farmer:
Gerry Ross & Janet Simpson
Kupa'a Farms, Kula, Maui

Growing area: 14 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: 12 years
Crops: diversified vegetables, tropical fruit, and coffee
Fertility management: crop rotation, compost from food waste, cover crops, compost tea, feather meal as a solid amendment, and liquid fish through our drip system
Pest management: Crops to attract beneficials, organic pesticides as necessary, screen house for brassicas. Crop rotation and non-host cover crops to prevent root-knot nematode
What Sustainability Means to You: soil conservation, using the waste stream as a resource, building a farm that is close to a complex ecosystem, and keeping our family in the black

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Hot Tip from Kupa'a Farm
--Tap into the waste stream to cut your fertilizer costs and build soil fertility
--Consider a high tunnel with insect screen - these have amazing potential!

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