Volume 17: Sept | Oct | Nov 2013

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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Wasps Nesting Block: A condominium to attract Natural Enemies           of Insect Pests
Biological control of corn earworm – sunn hemp enhancement             compared to mass releases of parasitoids
Strip-till cover cropping and vermicompost extracts improve soil           and plant health in a short-term vegetable cropping system
Train the Trainers, Hawaii Public Seed Initiative
ArgriBusiness Incubator: The Marketing Mix: Attracting your             target market through an integrated effort

Featured Farmer:
Chuck, Lily and Pueo Boerner
ONO Organic Farms, Kipahulu, Maui

Growing area: 65 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: 41 years
Crops: mainly banana, papaya, and avocado, but also a wide variety of tropical fruits. Chuck also provides consultation at farmers markets in Hana daily.
Fertility management: Mostly composted manures and some NOP compliant high nutrient fertilizers like Sustane, or a locally produced rendered meat product. We also rely heavily on leaf litter from large over-story fruit trees to return organic matter to the soil.
Pest management: Intercropping/species diversity is key, as is sanitation (removing diseased, infested, or damaged matter). For several crops we pick fruit early and finish ripening in boxes to minimize chances of damage by insects, disease and birds. We mow, mulch and plant densely to control weeds.
What Sustainability Means to You: ensuring the health of our farm and family has always been first priority, which is the foundation of the profitability that will allow us to pass the farm to our kids.

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Hot Tip from ONO Organic Farms
Diversity is key! Diversity in crop species and varieties within species create a solid foundation for a resilient, efficient and profitable farming system.

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