Volume 15: March | April | May 2013

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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What is Local Food and Who Wants What?
Milestone at Whole Foods: More than half of the fresh produce             purchased at Maui store grown on Hawai`i farms
Sustainable Practices to Boost Tree Seedling Performance
Food Security and Economic Sustainability: Current Research in           Tropical Fruit Production at the University of Hawaii
An Overview of Survey Respondents Interested in Organic Cotton           Products
Shining bright in Waianae: How bees and reflective mulch can               improve vegetable production in Hawaii
Not All Lady Beetles are Created Equal: Learn about different Types       of Lady Beetles in Hawaiʻi with Special Talent
        --Lady Beetles of Hawai'i Poster
Evaluating Promising New Eggplant Varieties
Organic Certification: Getting Started

Featured Farmer:
Chris Robb
Robb Farms, Waimea, Hawaiʻi

Growing area: 14 acres
Years farming in Hawai'i: 30 years
Crops: assorted vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, beets, leeks, fennel, onions, eggplant
Fertility management: standard balanced organic fertilizers, some compost, and various cover crop mixes
Pest management: primarily biocontrol: I allow existing parasitoids and predators control insect pests on the farm. 90% of my pests have an existing parasite or predator. Constant scouting. With pure biocontrol you have to be able to tolerate 10-15% losses, particularly with aphids. Thrips are controlled with Spinosad; they vector viruses that cannot be tolerated. I only spray when I have to.
What Sustainability Means to You: The market is open for more local products. I have gone the retail store route instead of the hotel/restaurant business. I'm more into import displacement. That, I believe, is more sustainable and the approach to take. More local sources for fertilizers, locally made potting mixes, and reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes would be a step in the right direction. There are many ways to be more sustainable-- it takes time and sourcing but that is where we’re headed.

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Hot Tip from Robb Farms
Just grow organically! Organic vegetable production can be done profitably in Hawai'i if you promote biological cycles above and below ground and control your costs.

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