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  • 2 August 2016
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Korean Natural Farming (KNF)

Hawaii’s Locally Produced Composts: Nitrogen release and effects         on pak choi (Brassica rapa var. chinensis) growth
Yield and phytonutrient content of aquaponically grown pak choi           (Brassica rapa, Chinensis group)
Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative: Train the Trainers 2013
Organic No-Till Farming with Roller Crimper
"The Plant Doctor" app for iPhones and iPad
Preparing Your Business for the Future of Agriculture

Featured Farmer:
Myrone and Carol Murakami
Murakami Farm, Kahaluʻu, Oʻahu

Growing area: 10 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: Myrone grew up on a farm, got a few jobs pushing papers, and then took over Carol's family farm in 1981
Crops: started off with apple bananas and cucumbers, but phased out to ti leaf and papayas when the viruses started hitting hard
Fertility management: mainly chemical fertilization in 4 split applications to maximize plant uptake and reduce nutrient loss
Pest management: glyphosate and other chemicals as needed. Fungicide for papayas and 1 year fallow between plantings. Mist blower with diffuser to maximize coverage and reduce amount of pesticide needed. We have an electric fence for pig control.
What Sustainability Means to You: you need to make enough profit to meet your needs, and scale your operation appropriately to resources and climate.

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Hot Tip from Murakami Farm
--Take care of family first; don't let the stress of production negatively impact your domestic life.
--Be flexible; be willing to change as the needs arise.

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