Volume 12: June | July | Aug 2012

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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The Giant African Snail
    --Injuries Caused by the Giant African Snail to Papaya
Waimānalo Farmers Implement Best Management Practices for        Improved Water Quality
    --CTAHR Water Quality Extension
The Challenge of Maintaining Soil Organic Matter
Can using a strip-tilled living mulch system enhance organisms            higher up in the soil food web hierarchy?
The Secret of the Allelopathic Effect of Sunn Hemp for Suppressing        Plant-parasitic Nematodes
Preliminary Screening for Virus Resistance in Organic Field Grown          Tomatoes
Nutrition Benefits of Fish Consumption
Obtaining Seeds and Plants for Conservation, Cover Crops, and            Beneficials
Farm to School/School Garden Networks
Growing Your Business: National Efforts to Evaluate                        Agriculture’s Sustainability

Featured Farmer:
Susan and Chad Matsushima
Alluvion, Inc., Haleiwa, Oʻahu

Growing area: 20 acres with 2 acres under cover (5 other farmers also work on the property)
Years farming in Hawai'i: 30 years
Crops: we area a plant nursery, a full florist, a gift basket fulfillment center, and a plant rental company
What Sustainability Means to You: Hawaiʻi is such a small place, unless we all work together, we cannot be sustainable. The coordinating entrepreneur concept insures that we can be a “consistent supplier of quality products”. Like the produce business, we cannot have product one day and have nothing the next. The needs of having certain products available for the marketplace each day is one that Hawaiʻi growers must come to realize

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Hot Tip from Alluvion
Working together works! Hawaiʻi is so small that unless we work together and help each other as farmers…we will not succeed. We cannot be bad-mouthing our neighbors and other growers. We must work together to make Hawaii’s agriculture succeed.

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