Volume 9: Sept | Oct | Nov 2011

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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Saving Seeds
Romaine lettuce Variety Trials in Hawaii: Winter, Spring and                 Summer Trials

Growing Your Business: Farms and Families: Keeping Business         Concerns Separate From Family Concerns

Featured Farmer:
Lorie Obra
Rusty’s Hawaiian, Pahala, Hawai‘i

Growing area: 12 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: 12 years
Crops: specialty coffee
Fertility management: The LIFE program(Local Immigrant Farmer Education), I had soil-and-tissue analysis of my farms conducted by UH Mānoa, which helped me determine the type of fertilizer I need
Pest management: cut off the affected limbs and burn or bury the cuttings infestated with twig borer
What Sustainability Means to You: The easiest way to a more sustainable lifestyle is to keep taking small steps that make a difference. For example, I rely on the sun instead of mechanical dryers to dry my coffees, and I devote part of my crop to natural-dried and pulp-natural coffees, which require less water in processing.

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Hot Tip from Rusty's Hawaiian
--My motto is passion, consistent quality and adaptability. You have to be passionate about your product in order to have great quality. And in farming, you have to be able to adapt to unforeseen situations.

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