Volume 5: Sept | Oct | Nov 2010

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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In This Issue:

Featured Farmers: Milton Agader and Aquilino Medrano, Twin Bridge, Waialua, Oʻahu


Area under production
: 300 acres, with 1 acre organic and we plan to further expand organic production.

Years farming in Hawaii: 1994-2000, part time after leaving sugar and working full time with Dole’s diversified operation. 10 years full time.

Crops: asparagus, tomatoes, beans, peppers, okra, beans, lettuce, etc. Our organic crops are tomatoes and beans. Corn, sunflowers, and potatoes are contract grown. Asparagus production was initiated with a WSARE grant project with HARC.

Fertility management practices: commercial, synthetic, and OMRI listed pesticides; composting (20-30 tons) and cover crops (sunflower, oats, sunnhemp).

Pest Management
scouting, traps, commercial, synthetic and OMRI listed pesticides, compost and cover crops.

What Sustainability Means to You: Keeping 18 employees full time. Crop diversity, value adding, stewardship of the land, using only inputs needed and avoiding excess applications, financial security. Land tenure is a big issue. The State should trade or purchase land to provide long term leases at affordable rates.

Agader Ohana

Hot Tip from Twin Bridge

Diversify to survive. We are continuously looking for opportunities to diversify. It's hard to survive being one dimensional, especially employing 18 full time employees. 

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