My research program is directed toward developing nutritional strategies to enhance the productivity and health of monogastric animals. The end goal is to develop decision models that can assist animal nutritionists and the livestock industry to develop effective feeding programs in the volatile feed market and the post-antibiotic era, which are two main critical issues of the livestock sector of the present time. To meet the goal, I have been working with various research projects ranging from fundamental research (gut health management) to applied research (feedstuff evaluation). Fundamental research emphasizes “dietary manipulation to improve the overall gut health of monogastric animals,” while applied research focuses on “evaluating novel feedstuffs for their nutritional value and functional properties in pigs and poultry.” Of particular interest is “early nutrition programming in broiler chickens." Much of the motivation for these activities is to serve the need of current day’s consumer’s demand of healthy and environmentally friendly animal production while maintaining the competitiveness of the industry. The approach to meet the objectives is interdisciplinary and working in close coordination with different stakeholders from academia, research, and industry. To execute the research plan, I have been using various research models, including in vivo, in vitro, and in ovo models in my lab.

My state-of-arts laboratory is equipped with HPLC, GC, Plate reader, Spectrophotometer, Bomb Calorimeter, in vitro digestion/fermentation system and other lab equipment and research facilities to conduct quality animal nutrition research.

Ongoing research themes

Theme 1: Early nutrition programing (in ovo and post-hatch feeding) to modulate gut health and physiology of poultry

Theme 2: Effect of feed additives (enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics) on nutrient digestibility, growth performance and gut health of poultry and pig

Theme 3: Sustainable poultry production (dealing with climate change)

Theme 4: Alternative feedstuffs for sustainable animal and aquaculture production

Theme 5: Sustainable grass-fed beef production

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