• Dr. Roshan Manandhar, PEPS Invasive Species Management Extension Agent, organized a two-day conference on Invasives Pests, at the Blaisdell Center, Honolulu.

    Addressing Invasive Species
  • PEPS Entomologist Dr. Jia-Wei Tay organized the 3rd international Conference of the Subterranean Termite at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Campus Center Conference Ballroom on September 18-19, 2023

    Tackling Subterranean Termites
  • Due to great public interest, PEPS Faculty are frequent presenters at CTAHR Cooperative Extension events. Dr. Jia-Wei Tay (left) and Dr. Koon-Hui Wang (right) provide pest control strategies to lay audience at the Urban Garden Center.

    PEPS at UGC
  • Extension agent, Jari Sugano, represented CTAHR at the Oʻahu Disaster Assistance Event to help farmers in need in addition to her daily tasks helping farmers statewide to resolve agricultural problems.

    PEPS extension 01
  • Extension agent, Robin Shimabuku, working with extension specialist, Mike Kawate and former CTAHR extension agent, Steve Fukuda to help farmers custom made spray boom to ensure effective spray coverage of pesticide directed to onion crops with minimal drift.

    PEPS extension 02
  • Extension Specialist, Zhiqiang Cheng, assists the turf and landscape industries in Hawaii to manage various key pests including arthropods and weeds.

    Turf samples
  • Extension agent, Roshan Manandhar, responded immediately to farmers in Kauaʻi after a report of an outbreak of nematode problem on sweetpotato.

  • Scott Nikaido of the UH Honeybee Project provides extension training on beekeeping to Oʻahu Master Gardeners.

    UH Bee Lab

Extension and Outreach

The Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences is home to many important Extension and Outreach programs for Hawai'i, to address the pest pressures of our subtropical climate.


This website includes resources from Dr. Scot Nelson to assist with diagnosis of plant diseases in Hawaiʻi and the tropics. The site includes information on hosts and pathogens in Hawaiʻi, checklist of plant diseases in Hawaiʻi, Hawaiiʻs top crops and crop diseases, illustrated glossary of tropical plant pests, plant viruses in Hawaiʻi, pest and disease image gallery, and more. An extensive collection of images of Hawaii plants and plant diseases divided into albums is available on Dr. Nelsonʻs Flickr gallery.



The Pesticide Risk Reduction Education Program at UH Mānoa provides educational resources (study packets) and short courses to assist in preparing for the Hawaiʻi Department of Agricultureʻs Pesticide Applicator certification exam.



Dr. Koon-Hui Wangʻs Sustainable Pest Management Laboratory is home to resources about banana IPM, cover crops, insectary plants, soil health management and multiple other topics. Resources from the Center for Rural Agricultural Training and Entrepreneurship (CRATE) Project are located there as well. 



Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng is the principal investigator of Turfgrass and Landscape Pest Management Lab. Dr. Cheng’s main goal is to conduct research, extension and education on turf and landscape pest management, and based on which, to provide effective pest management options to stakeholders in Hawaii, and on a broader sense, to turf and landscape industry in tropical regions of the world.


Dr. Ethel Villalobos leads the UH Honeybee Project, which is developing practical treatment options for local beekeepers and establishing a sound research program that focuses on maintenance and improvement of the Hawaiian honeybees. Reducing the likelihood that varroa mite invasion to other islands, and  investigating procedures for preventing feral bees from being inadvertently transported among islands on ship containers and other vessels are also priorities.