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NREM 682 - Restoration Ecology




Fieldtrip to Ka'ena Point Natural Area Reserve, Island of Oahu: (a) Betsy Gagne (NARS Commission Executive Secretary) talks about barriers to restoration at Ka'ena Point; (b) approaching Ka'ena Point, site of the last intact dune ecosystem in the main Hawaiian Islands and important habitat for the Laysan albatross and Wedge-tailed Shearwater; and (c) a Wedge-tailed Shearwater fledgling. 

9/1 - Ch. 1: Ecological theory and restoration ecology (PDF)
9/1 - SER International Primer on Ecological Restoration (PDF)
9/1 - SER Guidelines for Developing and Managing Ecological Restoration Projects (PDF)
9/8 - Cabin. 2007. Science-driven restoration: A square grid on a round earth? Restoration Ecology 15:1-7 (PDF)
9/8 - Giardina et al. 2007. Science driven restoration: A candle in a demon-haunted world - Response to Cabin (2007). Restoration Ecology 15:171-176 (PDF)

9/8 - Cabin. 2007.  Science and restoration under a big, demon-haunted tent: Reply to Giardina et al. (2007). Restoration Ecology 15:377-381 (PDF)

8/25   - Course Introduction
9/1     - Foundations of Restoration Ecology (PDF)
9/8     - In-class debate on the role of science in ecological restoration
9/15   - Population Biology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
9/22   - Community Ecology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
9/29   - Succession in a Restoration Context (PDF)
10/6   - Plant Pysiological Ecology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
10/13 - Soils and Belowground Ecology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
10/20 - Ecosystem Ecology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
10/27 - No Class
11/3   - Invasive Species in a Restoration Context (PDF)
11/10 - Global Change Biology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
11/17 - Landscape Ecology in a Restoration Context (PDF)
11/24 - No Class
12/1   - Restoration Ecology from a Wildlife Perspective (PDF)
12/8   - Final Exam Review
12/15 - Final Exam

Click here for a slideshow from the fieldtrip provided by M.S. student Endri Martini.