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Key courses taught at University of Hawaii at Manoa

PEPS/TPSS 418 Turfgrass Pest Management (4 credits)

In this course students will learn turfgrass pest management in turfgrass systems (such as golf course, athletic field, home lawns, and other landscapes). Origin of turf, the turf/soil ecosystem, and soil food webs will be discussed. An integrated pest management (IPM) approach will then be emphasized for control of insects, weeds, diseases, and other common turf pests during turf maintenance. Emphasis is on management of pests in warm-season turfgrasses, but pest management in cool-season turfgrasses will also be discussed. Students will gain hands-on and real-world experience with collection, diagnosis, and management of common turfgrass pest problems in Hawaii, as well as measuring soil properties and food webs related to turf health. Offered every Fall Semester starting from Fall 2014.

PEPS 612L Diagnosis and Management of Tropical Plant Diseases & Pests (LAB) (2 credits)

Students in PEPS 612L (in conjunction with PEPS 612) will draw on information learned about the individual pathogen groups, insects, nutritional and environmental studies to determine and diagnose most likely causes of diseases, disorders, and injuries due to feeding of insects and mites. The course will be iterative and interactive, each laboratory and field exercise building on the previous sessions.  Students will be encouraged to discover causes and make reasonable conclusions based on their own and group observations. I developed this course and taught it for the first time in Summer 2016.

PEPS 691 Special Topics: Current Topics in Nematology (1 credit)

This course is offered to provide students with latest research in the field of Nematology. Topics covered include management of plant-parasitic nematodes; nematodes as soil health indicators; entomopathogenic nematodes as bio-control agents; molecular biology of nematodes; and beyond. Students also use this opportunity to share their own research if they work on projects related to nematodes. Offered in both Spring and Fall Semesters every year.

PEPS 660 Seminar in Plant Pathology (1 credit)

This seminar course is offered to provide students with latest research in the broad field of Plant Pathology. I lead this seminar course in Spring 2014 Semester. During this semester, students learned research updates on tropical plant pathology from invited seminar speakers. Each student also selected and presented a topic from these broad commodity categories: tropical fruits; tropical crops; tropical vegetables; warm-season turfgrasses; and tropical ornamental and/or landscape plants.

PEPS 491 Topics in Plant and Environmental Protection Science: Turfgrass Pest Management (2 credits)

This course was offered in Spring 2014, prior to the formal course PEPS/TPSS 418 was offered in Fall 2014.

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