Saturday, July 21, 2018

BE 410: Biomass Conversion to Biofuel and Bioenergy

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Fundamental concepts in understanding biofuel/bioenergy;
various renewable feedstocks, their production, availability and attributes for biofuel/bioenergy
production; types of biofuel/bioenergy from biomass; thermochemical conversion of biomass to
heat and power, and biofuel, biochemical conversion of biomass to biofuel; biodiesel production;
environmental impacts of biofuel production; economics and life-cycle analysis of biofuel;
value-added processing of biofuel residues; case studies on biofuel

Instructors: Dr. Samir Khanal, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR;
Dr. Scott Turn, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, College of Engineering.

BE 450: Sustainable Engineering

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Overview of sustainability concept; indicators of sustainability;
applications of sustainability concepts to various engineering disciplines; green engineering; life
cycle analysis; use of mass and energy balances in the design of sustainable systems; selected
case studies.
Instructor: Dr. Samir Khanal, Molecular Biosciences and Biosystems Engineering, CTAHR.

TPSS 236: Renewable Energy and Society

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Combined lecture and discussion course regarding the ability
of renewable energy technologies to meet local, national, and global energy demands and their
potential impacts on the environment and society.
Instructor: Dr. Brian Turano, Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, CTAHR.
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