Credit Courses

Western Insular Pacific Sun Grant Subcenter

BE 410: Biomass Conversion to Biofuel and Bioenergy

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Fundamental concepts in understanding biofuel/bioenergy;
various renewable feedstocks, their production, availability and attributes for biofuel/bioenergy
production; types of biofuel/bioenergy from biomass; thermochemical conversion of biomass to
heat and power, and biofuel, biochemical conversion of biomass to biofuel; biodiesel production;
environmental impacts of biofuel production; economics and life-cycle analysis of biofuel;
value-added processing of biofuel residues; case studies on biofuel.

Instructors: Dr. Samir Khanal, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR;
Dr. Scott Turn, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, SOEST.

BE 437: Biosystems Unit Operations

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Introduction to unit operations in biological, environmental, food, and manufacturing processes. Integration of biology and chemistry into engineering using basic concepts in mass and energy conservation and transport in reacting and non-reacting systems.

Instructor: Dr. Charles Kinoshita, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR.

TPSS 236: Renewable Energy and Society

Catalog Description: 3 credits. Combined lecture and discussion course regarding the ability
of renewable energy technologies to meet local, national, and global energy demands and their
potential impacts on the environment and society.