5 November 2019

Working Together for Aquaculture

CTSA director thanks CTAHR

Working Together for Aquaculture

Marking the first year since the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture moved its main administrative operations to UH, director Cheng-Sheng Lee offered his thanks to CTAHR and the other institutions, such as HPU and USDA NIFA, that have made it a successful transition.

One of his important tasks as executive director, he explains, has been to identify researchers outside of aquaculture who can apply their field of expertise and unique skills to help solve the challenges facing the aquaculture industry and participate in efforts to secure the seafood supply through aquaculture. 

“During the past year,” he concludes, “I have also uncovered a plethora of resources at UH that can help CTSA achieve its mission. I have enjoyed my discussions with many new colleagues, and have learned new techniques through my activities on campus. I am discovering that combining our program resources and knowledge with the wide range of available expertise is creating unique opportunities to bring more sustainable aquaculture grants and funding to our region. It has reaffirmed my motto that we can accomplish more if we can work together, and reconfirmed my steadfast commitment to partnership for sustainable aquaculture development.” You can read his full Letter from the Director here.

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