26 November 2019

Research Front and Center

Faculty invited to contribute to advisory committee

Research Front and Center

Faculty are invited to serve on the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), an ad hoc committee of the CTAHR Senate. The committee will consist of 6–10 faculty who represent diverse departments and project and will meet regularly via video conferencing.

The purpose of the RAC is to advise the Associate Dean for Research. Topics to be discussed may include the following: What does a healthy research enterprise look like, and how do we cultivate it? RAC members will serve one academic year or until the end of the Spring semester, whichever comes first. Re-appointment is based on RAC’s needs and faculty’s availability. To apply, please complete and submit this form by Wednesday, November 27. The Senate Executive Committee will notify you of the decision by Thursday, December 5, or soon after. If you have any questions, you can contact Sarah Yuan at cwlau@hawaii.edu.

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