28 October 2019

In the Ground

PEPS professor’s meeting on soil-borne nematodes draws researchers from across the US

In the Ground

Associate Dean for Research Walter Bowen introduced a meeting hosted by Koon-Hui Wang (Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences) on her multistate project on “Plant-Parasitic Nematode Management as a Component of Sustainable Soil Health Programs in Horticultural and Field Crop Production Systems,” held October 17th through the 19th at UH. Participants came from California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia to discuss research and outreach activities relating to plant-parasitic nematode management and soil health enhancement through cover cropping, compost amendment, and animal grazing.

Parasitic nematodes, microscopic roundworms, are highly damaging soil-borne pests that can have significant economic impact on crops. Koon-Hui researches integrated pest management systems that can help instead of hurt the soil they live in and allow plants to thrive.

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